Social Messaging is exploding. Facebook, Messenger, Twitter etc. are the new customer service frontline. With its hybrid technology, Alcméon helps you meet the challenge !

Customers want to interact with brands the way they communicate with their friends. Our hybrid technology, developped in parallel by customer care and AI experts, combines very efficiently and smoothly automation and human intervention. Wtih Alcméon, leading brands and retailers can transform their Twitter, Facebook or Messenger accounts into a 24/7 premium customer service channel, able to absorb easily traffic peaks, crisis, and much more...

Augmented Advisors

Your teams answer in record time with the specific Alcméon social messaging workflow and the suggestion engine which scans all your content in real time

Advanced Automation

With Alcméon, you create and update yourself in real time your frontline bots in charge of filtering, triaging, answering, or even measuring satisfaction !

Contacts & Leads Generation

Alcméon filters et dispatches to your salesteams the interesting mentions or the pre qualified leads generated via automatic conversations

Manage the growth of your social media interactions with a virtual frontline

" Great service starts with the frontline employee. The best uses of technology and other support systems create frontline service heroes and heroines."

Len Schlesinger, Harvard Business School,
author of "What Great Service Leaders Know & Do"

Exploit ALL your customers' or future customers' relevant messages and mentions

Alcméon, the leading brands' favorite platform

Major international brands have chosen Alcméon to meet the frontline challenge on social media and messaging

Smarter and faster answers using the power of artificial intelligence and ... your own content !

Alcméon, the "Frontline Social Platform"

User Friendly

Intuitive and scalable, Alcméon interface was designed to be easily used by everyone in your company

Multi Networks

A native pack with Twitter, Facebook & Instagram + any other network you need on demand

Embedded Visual Bot Editor

You create and update easily your rules and conversational messaging bots

Multi Teams

Several teams from different departments can work in parallel using the same accounts (Desktop & Mobile)

Frontline Arsenal

All the weapons your online advisors or community managers may need to answer quickly and efficiently


6 major European languages immediately - any other added on demand

Use reliable data to analyse your global social media efficiency

" We use Alcméon to interact quickly and to process as many posts as we can, efficiently and with a limited number of advisors... always keeping a human touch when we dialog with our customers ! "

Marie-Hélène Albertini, Head of Forums & Social Media,
Customer Service Orange France

Keep your brand's whole conversation history and connect it to your CRM tools

360° Filtering

Alcméon is the only platform on the market offering a 360° real time scan of all the relevant messages and mentions for your brand. Direct mentions or messages are only the tip of the iceberg. With Alcméon, you can now automatically pull out all the messages linked to your products or your target customers. Messages that will then be filtered and immediately redistributed to the right teams by the exclusive Alcméon routing algorithm.

Maximal Automation

Automation and Artificial Intelligence are at the very heart of our platform architecture. At each stage ot the triage-routing-interaction process we have added functions that will automate or accelerate the work as much as possible. Automatic triaging and answers, visual bot editor, survey bot... the social media manager can define himself what is the good level of automation for his brand. !

Suggestion engine

Based on an exclusive US Patent (S.I.M.E. Scoring of Interrelated Message Elements), Alcméon comes with a dedicated search engine which scans in real time the customer servicing brand assets (websites, forums, CRM content etc.) and suggests the best existing answers or templates - keeping track of each answer's engagement performance.

Global Tracking

Alcméon platform keeps all for you : filtering data, generated engagement, conversations history... Its advanced statistic features allow you to generate full and complex reports on the fly. With Alcméon, you have a reliable source of data to follow your customers' engagement up to your websites & apps, and to measure the audience, the conversions or the volume of qualified leads produced. You monitor easily the performance: by team, by agent, by bot etc. .

Save time with automation and increase your teams' social engagement skills

Alcméon Services : a team of experts with you from kick-off to success

Alcméon is also a team of highly skilled experts and all the complementary tools needed to ensure the roll-out success of the solution in your environment. Technical integration, training, customisation, internal communication support, industry and general best practices, release management etc. : at each stage you have an identified Alcméon expert in charge, a consistent documentary base and innovative dedicated multimedia tools.

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