The most simple, powerful and robust solution to process all the frontline messages of a leading brand on social networks and messaging apps

Behind a sleek interface, voluntarily simplified to be easily handled by anyone, a powerful and scalable platform, built with the latest cutting edge technology in terms of Machine Learning, quickly implementable and compliant with all your existing ecosystem. It's the most advanced tool regarding handoff and fluid combination of automated & human answering.


of relevant messages filtered & processed


Uninterrupted Messaging Service


languages immediately available


brand conversation history


average engagement generated


answering process acceleration

Alcméon's main features

Contact us for a complete and personalised demo. Here is a quick overview of Alcméon main functionalities. We update and add regularly new functionalities to our platform. Don't hesitate to message us (@Alcmeon_answers on Facebook/Messenger or Twitter) or ask here for a live demo.

Multi Social Networks

- Natively available : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, WeChat, WhatsApp (beta), Apple Business Chat, Critizr...
- Any other social networks and communities upon request

Visual Bot Editor

- Personalized Instant Replies Configurator
- Real Time Quick Replies Bot Editor
- Automatic Satisfaction Survey editor

Message Filtering

- Monitoring of "owned" flows
- Monitoring of "earned" flows
- Keyword-based message filtering
- Influence-based message prioritisation
- Prioritization and automatic archiving according to delays
- Manual and auto-learning message tagging

Conversation Management

- Customisable inbox
- Display of conversation threads
- Message assignment to users or teams
- Help request workflow
- Message internal comments
- Archiving of conversation logs
- Smart answer suggestions
- Brand content & Forums indexation


- Multi roles : Advisor, Manager, Coordinator, Administrator
- Custom roles upon request
- Team management


- Message volumes: received, answered, archived
- Processing time, response speed
- Customer satisfaction: response sentiment, actions (like, RT)
- Conversion: click-through rate, unique users...
- Deep tracking (up to conversion on other digital assets)
- On the fly report generator
- Personalised statistics


- User interface in French and English (other upon request)
- Live languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch
- Any other upon request

Alcméon services

Our commitment : All the complementary tools and services you need to succeed


Our technical & consulting teams help you setup properly each account and index your existing online contents. We can also help you formalise your social answering and engagement procedure, and find the right keywords to start scanning the social networks beyond direct mentions.


On site initial training of your frontline teams and managers included. Access on demand to complementary tools : how-to screencast library, interactive on-line training, ad hoc documents and training (ex: advisor manual, brand engagement charter...)

Technical & user support

The platform is hosted in France by OVH. Technical performance is guaranteed by SLA. We offer a large choice of formulas for support : idiom, opening hours, maximum delay etc. .We adapt our level of service to your needs.

Implementation & Docs

We provide a full and comprehensive technical documentation for your IT and for your users - updated every year. Our technical department directly manages the platform implementation in your environment with your IT team (access, authentification, SSO, data, link to other tools etc.).

Best practices

Each year, directly or with a partner of your choice, we offer an annual progress report : co-analysis of the past year activity and results, practical advice to boost performance and engagement, and the possibility to share the latest social frontline best practices (Alcméon Clients Club).

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