Aquaservice integrates instant messaging into its app for greater proximity with its 500,000 clients

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Aquaservice integrates instant messaging into its app for greater proximity with its 500,000 clients

  • Aquaservice has opted for Alcméon’s hybrid technology to respond to its customers’ needs and requests: a tool used by more than 50 companies Europe-wide.
  • According to Ignacio Bauset, Head Of Digital at Aquaservice, “the result is direct value for our customers and for Aquaservice, reducing the number of messages we receive by 20%, without increasing our flow of incoming calls.”
  • At present, the Aquaservice app enables users to consult their next scheduled delivery date, arrange an urgent shipment, view their order history, find out the name of their delivery driver, access delivery notes and invoices, and more.

Madrid, october 7 2022 – Aquaservice, leading distributor of natural mineral water and electrolyte water dispensers in Spain, has integrated Alcméon’s instant messenger into its app, with a view to offering 24/7 real-time solutions to its portfolio of more than 500,000 customers.

The idea behind this new tool is to be able to support Aquaservice customers with an instant service and new communication channels. With instant messenger, users no longer have to pick up the phone or type out an email to establish contact with the company. A guided chat presents them with the main reasons they might be seeking Aquaservice’s help, along with the related solutions, which then automatically redirects them to the section of the app they need.

The app has already undergone a trial and quality control period through a pilot launched at the end of 2021 to 20% of the company’s customer base, facilitating the collection of metadata and statistics on how satisfied users were with the service. The results were extremely promising, and availability of the app was therefore subsequently broadened to 60% of Aquaservice’s customer base. Nacho Bauset, Head Of Digital at Aquaservice, explains how “the result is direct value for the client and for Aquaservice, reducing the number of messages we receive by 20%, without increasing our flow of incoming calls. What’s more, this results in a 15% improvement in the productivity levels of our customer care team managing these messages.” On a separate level, he adds that response times have improved, given that 24% of messages and interactions on the Alcméon chat are sent outside of working hours. With the app, the user receives an initial response, which is more often than not sufficient, despite the fact that the human customer care team is not actually available.

The results show that customers’ interaction with Alcméon is growing exponentially: during the launch phase, with only 20% of its portfolio using the app, 13,000 conversations were recorded each month, whilst broadening the app availability to 40% of its customer base saw this figure rise to 40,000.

The Aquaservice spokesperson underlines that “digitising is not an end in itself, but a way of offering our customers a better experience. Messaging channels are already a part of their everyday lives, and so they have huge potential for companies. The key is knowing how to use them and add value to them without swamping our users.”

Available on the Apple Store and Google Play, the Aquaservice app ( currently allows users to consult their next scheduled delivery date, arrange an urgent shipment, leave delivery instructions, view their order history, find out the name of their delivery driver, access delivery notes and invoices, take advantage of discounts with the Aquamigo plan and find out more about how the service works.

A SaaS platform (software as a service)

Alcméon is a SaaS platform, designed to enable large corporations or business undergoing rapid growth to interact efficiently and in real-life situations with their clients through social media platforms and messenger applications, such as Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Apple Messages and Google Business Messages. Seamlessly combining smart automation, chatbots and human intervention, Alcméon’s hybrid technology has helped its clients to cut their costs by 50% and boost user satisfaction by 25%.

Companies such as Carrefour, one of Alcméon’s “early adopters”, are using its messaging accounts to replace paper catalogues with digital versions on WhatsApp and Messenger. “With Alcméon, you can follow up on absolutely everything: deliveries, performance, automation and completion rates, what buttons have been clicked during a conversation, how much time has been spent on a specific topic, and, what’s more, thanks to our native connectors with Salesforce and Zendesk, users have access to a 360° service that’s fully personalised,” explains Emma Carranza, Alcméon Manager for Spain and Portugal.

Alcméon offers a fully customisable service and is backed by partnerships with companies like Meta, resulting in carefully engineered solutions that integrate seamlessly into its platforms. According to José María González, Retail Client Partner at Meta, “users need conversational commerce because they want to chat to brands like they do with people. That’s why it’s crucial that it’s a customer care channel that brings value to the consumer rather than a push channel.”

To find out more on the rise of messaging marketing, watch the debate organised by with Meta, Aquaservice and Alcméon here.

The omnipresence of digitisation

Over the last few years, the digitisation of services has been ubiquitous, consequently making consumers increasingly demanding. They don’t want to wait and they don’t want to repeat what they need over and over, nor do they want to waste time searching for an email or waiting for an operator to answer the phone. Messenger marketing is the most efficient way of achieving fluid communication between brands and users. That’s why more than 50 European B2C companies trust Alcméon on a daily basis (Dior, Sephora, Carrefour, Fnac, Sarenza, Backmarket and Aquaservice, but to name a few) either to respond to their clients across the globe, or as a lead generation and conversion marketing tool.


Aquaservice is Spain’s leading distributor of natural mineral water and electrolyte water dispensers. Born in 1997, the company now has more than 2,200 employees across 56 branches located in major cities across the country. Aquaservice currently has more than 500,000 customers, both in the home and corporate sectors. It is the only brand to offer a 100% native circular solution on a large scale for bottled water in Spain.

Aquaservice seeks to inspire a more sustainable future for the bottled water industry. Its model is based on generating value for people and the planet, innovating to ensure that more and more of the world’s population can drink water sustainably. As such, the company recently met its target of being the first company in the water sector to be 100% carbon neutral across all its operations—from the spring to the consumer—and is proud to declare itself officially “zero waste” through the efficient and sustainable use of raw materials and natural resources. In a similar vein, the company is also committed to energy efficiency, using clean energy from sustainable sources across all its facilities; to electric mobility, being the first company in Spain to use a 100% electric lorry for its urban distribution; and sustainable logistics, through a capillary network of springs spread across the country and the use of Big Data to trace sustainable delivery routes.

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Alcméon is a European start-up based in France: in Paris at Station F, the world’s largest start-up campus, created by Xavier Niel (Iliad/Free); and at Sophia Antipolis, a technology park near Nice. Its SaaS hub is the most advanced on the market for big brands and B2C and B2B distributors who want to effectively utilise messaging to interact with their end clients. Alcméon is partnered with major platforms such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Apple Messages and Google Business Messages, and also offers brands the option of creating their own asynchronous messaging channels on their website or mobile application.


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