Conversational Commerce

Conversational commerce

Use messaging to increase conversion rates and to sell directly in their favorite mobile apps !

Messaging is not only a fantastic tool for customer service and to send notifications to consumers... With Alcméon it becomes also a tool to increase conversions and even a new sales channel. Gift finders, messaging pop-up stores, cart or selection reminders from a website... Discover the new conversational commerce toolbox !

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% of fashion brands with a WeChat store in China


% of increase in conversion when you suppress one step


% YoY growth of Apple Pay users


Conversational commerce use cases

``Send to messaging app`` button or checkboxes can be easily added to your ecommerce website. The customer will be able to decide later on if he wants to buy , and will be able to do it directly in his favorite messaging app...
With Alcméon's visual bot builder it's easy to design and open a temporary conversational shop. You can then link it to a social advertising campaign, a button on a web page or even a QR code.
With Alcméon, build and update your custom gift finders and push them to your customers as a value added service. With Alcméon's integrated handover system you can even escalate a bot generated lead to a human personal shopper !
Alcméon can manage an unlimited number of scenarios on the same social messaging account. You can launch in parallel a large number of different social ads with a different messaging USP.

Conversational commerce is the next big thing

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