Alcméon and Fnac Darty, winners of the Gold CX Award 2022, for Social Networks and Messaging !

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Wow ! Alcméon and Fnac Darty, winners of the Gold CX Award 2022, for Social Networks and Messaging !

We are extremely proud of this prize and of our client. Fnac Darty teams have innovation in their DNA, just like us. Fnac Darty websites, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct, Twitter, Apple Messages, Google business messages, Christophe Famechon’s messaging teams are everywhere, and use Alcméon’s technology at full potential. -70% email requests, seamless bot handover to agents, 1st answers sent in just a few minutes …

Asynchronous messaging is clearly the most practical and modern channel to interact with customers on the frontline. And reengagement use cases + social commerce will soon also offer new opportunities for customer services to show the extraordinary value of their work. As Christophe Famechon said on stage “the social media hyper connected customer is now really the boss, this changes fundamentally our job”. Innovation is not an option !

How to answer customers at scale using the most popular social messaging apps and reduce by 70% the incoming volume of emails ?

The Fnac Darty messaging teams are everywhere (Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, WhatsApp, Apple Messages, Google Business Messages…) and use Alcméon‘s hybrid technology to process efficiently and quickly the two brands’ consumer requests.
We won together the 2022 Social Messaging CX Award golden trophy for this multichannel messaging innovative service.

Check out how we did that and the full success story here on our website !