Alcméon, the Origins

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Alcméon was born in 2011. We chose our name in tribute to an unfairly unknown Greek philosopher from the 5th century BC who was very keen on balance in all aspects of life: Alcméon, the philosopher of moderation!

Our original idea was to help brands take part in online communities by providing relevant answers to practical questions like « Where can I find my laser printer’s driver? » or « How to make a screenshot on an iPhone©? » automatically. To achieve this goal, we developed a new text-mining algorithm with the support of CNRS and Inria, and got a US patent for it (US9058376).

As soon as 2012, we realized that social networks would become the place where users look for information about products and services. So we launched our first chatbot on Twitter in 2012. Soon again, we realized that automation was not able to provide relevant answers to every consumer questions, so we developed the prototype of our customer service console for human advisors in 2013. And then we realized that Twitter was not the only social media where consumers sought to contact enterprises, so we extended our platform to manage Facebook, Messenger and Instagram corporate accounts.

In April 2015, we were ready to launch the commercial version of our platform: a business messaging hub combining at scale automation and human intervention to quickly improve customer service and to start leveraging the power of messaging as a new marketing and sales channel.

8 years after we embarked on this amazing journey, our vision has not changed: we strive to help enterprises provide fast and relevant responses to their customers and prospects, for the benefit of both sides. Enterprises improve their quality of service and develop their sales, consumers enjoy more accessible and efficient services!

Bertrand Stephann

CEO & Co-founder