Customer service

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Customer service

Always on, faster, scalable... With Alcméon, messaging can quickly become your new frontline channel to interact with customers

For a B2C brand, messaging is a much cheaper and more efficient channel than email, phone and live chat to answer its customers' requests. With Alcméon, you can streamline all the customers messages, whether the conversation starts in public on a social media post or in private in messaging apps like WhatsApp or Messages for Apple users. And behind, the combination of automation, AI, chatbots and human answering which is made possible by the platform allows the best brands to answer their customers request within just a few minutes !

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% of messages answered in less than 1h (retail)


% cost reduction vs email


% of potential NPS increase


Key customer service use cases

Alcméon allows you to streamline all your public and private customers' incoming messages in one point, and its powerful automatic triaging features allow a real time dispatching to the right teams and bots.
Alcméon comes with a set of powerful workflow tools to optimize the manual processing of messaging requests.
Use our seamlessly integrated scripted chatbots to extend your company's opening hours, enable conversational selfcare, prequalify demands, handle account logins, and more !
Offer NPS, CSAT and CES surveys on the channel on which your customers have communicated with you and re-engage with a subset of respondents

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Business messaging is booming. It's time to move on !

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