Automatic filtering

Alméon allows you to filter in real time all your public and private messages and to dispatch those which need an answer to the right team

Augmented advisor console

In Alcméon, the advisors can see the full context of a conversation - including the public part of it

Workflow design

Alcméon offers a powerful set of workflow tools to orchestrate efficiently the interventions of all your teams & bots on the same social messaging accounts

Conversational analytics

Real time monitoring of your incoming flows, delays to first response, chatbots use, customer satisfaction and more... Alcméon has the most advanced set of conversational analytics for business messaging

Integrated chatbots

Alcméon makes it easy to add automatic agents to the answering workflow and to combine seamlessly human and chatbot interventions

Leadgen & reengagement

Tools for CRM & Marketing teams : bot builder for social advertising (clic to messaging), recurring notifications, alerts. A new field of opportunities to find new customers or increase loyalty !

Engineers, clients & users' quotes

A hybrid approach and platform

Alcméon combines the best of automation, AI and human answering where the customers are

Our team of engineers and social messaging experts was one of the first in the world to launch a customer service chatbot on a social network (2012, Twitter) and to provide a social messaging tool for a leading brand contact center (2013). Being confronted quickly to high volumes of interactions, we immediately realized that automation, AI and chatbots were not and will probably never be able to solve all the customers' requests. But with the incredibly high expectations of the new always-connected customer, it was also obvious that using smart automation was not an option!
This is why we built Alcméon as a SaaS hub for leading brands. Always on to grab, analyze and filter the incoming public & private customer messages. Combining seamlessly rule-based and AI algorithms, simple scripted and NLP chatbots, automatic and human answering...
And as Alcméon is primarily designed for B2C leading brands, it is also easily connectable to other third-party tools via a dedicated API and has embedded an impressive array of specific conversational analytics to measure performance and customer satisfaction (NPS, CES, C-Sat...).
Whether the main goal is to improve customer service or to increase sales, Alcméon is the most advanced business messaging platform for large businesses

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Users support & platform availability
The best level of support and availability on the market 

With Alcméon, your customers’messages are never lost, you alaways have the latest business messaging features available and someone to help you!

Alcméon is a very powerful tool. Easy to use at an agent's level, it needs to be properly set up to optimize the automatic filtering features or the handover bot-to-human... We accompany our clients from day 1 and continuously make sure that beyond the technical connections, the proper workflow is in place.
For B2C business messaging, it's crucial to be sure that no customer message is left behind - whatever the chosen entry point (social ad comment, visitor post, private message...), and that a relevant answer is quickly provided by a bot or a human agent. Our engineers are directly connected to Facebook or Apple technical teams and are available 7DAW to correct any blocking or major anomaly in the APIs streams or in the platform itself.
Alcméon is much more than a SaaS platform. It's a team of engineers and experts sharing a common vision: messaging can make our customer's life much easier whatever product or service is concerned! Our promise: if a new interesting service or business feature is available for one of the main messaging APIs, we will always be among the first platforms to provide it!

Business messaging is booming. It's time to move on !

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