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White glove service and a best of breed expertise to take you to the next level of messaging

Alcméon's team of highly skilled experts will ensure the successful roll-out of our solution in your environment. Technical integration, training, customisation, internal communication support, industry and general best practices, release management etc. : at each stage of your implementation, you have an identified Alcméon expert will help you leverage the power of business messaging and of our platform.

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Setup & follow-up
Always there for you from kick-off to full speed 

Clients first is not a concept at Alcméon. Ask our users and their managers : we never leave a question unanswered or an issue unsolved.

You will be surprised how easy it is to use Alcméon. Advisors can be fully operational after just one training session. The initial setup for us has 2 main goals : find the right workflow in order to optimize the answering performances and your resources; train a group of experts / advanced users in your company in order to autonomize as quickly as possible your different teams.
We will be regularly examining with you your conversational analytics to make sure you make the best of Alcméon and its numerous features. These steering committees will also be important touchpoints between our teams to discuss workflow evolutions and the new features we are continuously adding to the platform.
Working for leading brands and large businesses requires a high level of service and a capacity to adapt a solution to a rich and sometimes complex technical environment. Ask our existing clients, our level of assistance is definitively ``white glove`` and if you need a specific CRM or service portal connexion, our technical team will surprise you with its reactivity !
Users support

Fast, efficient, always on

24/7 monitoring and a technical task force always ready to correct as quickly as possible any blocking or major anomaly. Our philosophy is definitively and will always be ``Clients First``: whatever the issue or the request, the Alcméon user or client is treated like a VIP customer and all the team will mobilize itself until she is satisfied!

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