Messaging Marketing

Messaging marketing with Alcméon : the catalogs video

Messaging marketing

A new lead & traffic generation tool

Messaging provides the ability to identify users, shows high open rates (>80%) and allows persistent conversations over time. With Alcméon, your company can use messaging as a powerful new marketing automation channel, to replace gradually email newsletters, SMS campaigns or even paper catalogs !

NEW recruit subscribers on Facebook & Instagram and send them updates via Messenger ! ➔


High open rates (%, up to)


Billions of messages sent to businesses on Messenger & WhatsApp each month


High message through rate on CTM Ads (% of clickers )


Messaging marketing use cases

Use our scripted chatbots to generate and qualify leads. The chabots can seamlessly hand over to a human advisor should the need arise.
Replace your paper coupons and flyers with the conversational messaging version. Use a previous opt-in to segment customers for higher-ROI campaigns.
Schedule sales appointments with your customer's favorite salesperson in your retail locations.

Business messaging is booming, it's time to move on !

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