Alcméon for Travel 

We codesigned Alcméon with the teams of the biggest online travel agency in France and continental Europe, Travel is an obvious vertical for business messaging : highly digitalized, naturally mobile, complex and potentially stressful for consumers…

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Messaging is the best frontline channel to provide confirmations, boarding passes and updates to travelers. And if there is a crisis, or if the customer is in a stressful situation it is also definitively the most practical channel to help her !
A hybrid messaging service combining an NLP bot and human advisors can find and sell directly train tickets or flights, and handover to a rep when the consumer has a complex trip to organize...
Use messaging marketing to give prospects ideas of destinations. For example via a social media ``click to messaging`` campaign, and with a nice landing bot / trip finder behind

Alcméon for Retail

Alcméon has been chosen by the biggest food retailer in France, Carrefour. Digital or phygital retailers need to improve their customer service, reconnect with mobile customers and start using Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and the other big social messaging apps as new marketing and sales channels.

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With Alcméon extend your customer service hours and design an hybrid workflow combining chatbots (conversational self-care) and ``augmented advisors`` (messaging advisors helped by automation and AI).
Offer coupons, invite customers to events... With Alcméon you can easily design and adapt conversational scenarios for all your on and off-line touchpoints.
Messaging is now much more than an alternative customer service channel. With Alcméon it's very easy to design a scenario allowing customers to buy a product or a service in Messenger or Apple Messages. Buying is only one tap away !

Alcméon for Telecom

Several European Telecom operators have already chosen Alcméon. For the telecom vertical, the hybrid approach of Alcméon is particularly relevant. These clients have millions of customers who expect a quick answer when they have an issue with their wifi at home or their mobile phones! In this vertical, offers and products are also complex and competition between operators is fierce.

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With Alcméon, telecom operators can offer on all the main social media networks and messaging apps a first level of conversational self care 24/7 - a chatbot frontline which can seamlessly hand over the issue to a competent advisor if necessary.
Prevent churning by monitoring at scale your customers' satisfaction. With Alcméon, you can program automatic conversational surveys after a service messaging interaction or you can regularly ask your consumers if they are satisfied with their current offer - and of course push an upsell or a corrective action if necessary.
Social messaging with Alcméon is also a powerful acquisition channel. Example : phone or offer finders (landing bot) promoted on sponsored posts or directly on the operators website.

Alcméon for Luxury

With the importance of the Chinese customers and generation z becoming an important segment of the luxury market, luxury brands need to be responsive on social media and messaging networks- which can no longer be awareness only channels. Luxury consumers all over the world want white glove service in the shops and on their favorite messaging apps, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat…

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Luxury brands are generating enormous volumes of comments and engagement on social media networks like Instagram or when a social advertising campaign is launched. Alcméon's powerful filtering and triaging features allow luxury brands to extract a customer request / issue and to process it immediately.
Alcméon allows sales associates to interact directly with their VIP customers on the messaging app of their choice (WeChat, Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Messages). With the combination bot / frontline advisor / dedicated associate, the customer never waits, gets a personal answer - and the brand stays in control !
Inviting with a personal touch customers to see a new collection or an in shop event. Allowing authentified VIP customers to access value-added conversational service / content...

Alcméon for Bank & Insurance

With the rise of neo banks, traditional banks must modernize the way they interact with customers. Phone, email and face-to-face are not adapted any more for most of the interactions we have with financial institutions. Messaging can be a powerful tool to qualify leads, to improve customer service and the app adoption rate !

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The most obvious use case : click to messaging campaigns with a landing bot providing a conversational loan simulation scenario for example. The landing bot could also be used on the bank's web pages.
Customers don't want to wait or to search an email for a simple question. Alcméon could make interactions with account managers much quicker, simpler and enjoyable !
When there is a big IT problem or when the client needs help urgently without being able to access his personal account on the website or the app, the preferred channel is now always a messaging app. With Alcméon, anticipate crisis or access issues and offer something very reassuring for the customer : an always on, fast and efficient mobile and personal communication channel.

Business messaging is booming, it's time to move on !

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