Carrefour launches its 1st WhatsApp Commerce bot for Christmas with Alcméon

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🎄🎅🏻 🎁 Our client Carrefour continues to be at the forefront of business messaging innovation. After having pioneered the use of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to distribute and digitalize its local weekly promotional paper catalogs (a very important drive-to-store tool for big retailers, which is being more and more challenged by the rising costs of paper and ecological concerns, like the waste generated and the high carbon footprint per unit…), it’s now the first leading retailer in the EU to start using the new commerce features available on WhatsApp.

Send Santa your list via WhatsApp with Carrefour !

Starting this Christmas, with a very innovative service offering customers a selection of presents they can easily browse and put aside in a WhatsApp cart without leaving the conversation ! With on top of that, “elves-agents” ready to jump in the thread if the customer has a question.

Social commerce is already huge in Asia, it’s starting in France and the EU. Accenture predicts an impressive growth worldwide in the coming years : x2.5 in 2025, and a global opportunity of … $1.2Trillion !

When you experience the fluidity of this WhatsApp Christmas list experience, you immediately understand the enormous potential of these new formats. No doubt it will be soon very natural for a store or a e-commerce website to send regularly messaging subscribers personalized selections of products like that they can easily examine without leaving the conversation. Contact us for a demo, to see a live example and how it’s managed in Alcméon.

👏 Bravo Carrefour teams for this amazing innovation powered by Alcméon and FlyMenu