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Breakfast and Workshop : WhatsApp Special  in Paris at Meta’s Paris Office

6 rue Ménars, April 20 – 9:00 am – 11:30 am 

No need to tell you how important WhatsApp has become in your and your customers daily lives. It’s the n°1 messaging app in France – with more than 42 million active users, and in most of the other EU countries like Germany, Italy, Spain – often with a penetration rate superior to 90%! So, offering a WhatsApp efficient customer service, like Fnac Darty, or using WhatsApp as a marketing channel like Carrefour, is not a nice to have innovation anymore. It’s time to scale! 

The good news is that at Alcméon, Vonage and Meta, and with our pioneering clients, we have built the tools and the technological bricks needed by leading brands and retailers to get to the next stage of WhatsApp servicing and marketing.

Join us in Paris, in the stunning Meta France Office for an exceptional breakfast & workshop dedicated to WhatsApp, co-organized by Alcméon, Vonage and Meta.

Topics we will cover: 

  • WhatsApp 2023: latest figures, business features available and what is coming up this year and beyond !
  • WhatsApp Success Stories : how Fnac Darty (CX Award 2022 for messaging) is using WhatsApp and Alcméon to serve its premium customers. How Carrefour is using WhatsApp to push promotional catalogs and drive consumers back to stores !
  • The new Alcméon-Vonage partnership to serve leading brands and large businesses on WhatsApp.
  • Q&A with our panel of experts

🎤 Speakers:

Guillaume Cavaroc – Head of retail & business messaging France – Meta

Christophe Famechon – Head of Customer Service – Fnac Darty 

Arnaud Merzougui – Project Manager – Carrefour 

Olivier Kromwel –  Marketing Manager – Carrefour

David Damon – VP – Vonage 

Bertrand Stephann CEO – Alcméon

Charles Doxuan – CMO & Chief Evangelist – Alcméon


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Join us in Paris, at the stunning Meta Paris Office for an exceptional breakfast & workshop dedicated to WhatsApp, co-organized by Alcméon, Vonage and Meta. Limited number of seats available. Request your spot now

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