One of the distinctive features of this project is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to the problem at hand. Specifically, we intend to bridge the gap between a number of largely independent research communities and entities:


The wimmics research team aims at offering models, methods and techniques for supporting knowledge management and collaboration in virtual communities interacting with information resources through the Web. The team is a follow-up of the Edelweiss and Acacia team with 15 years of experience in graph-based knowledge representation and 10 years of experience in designing and developing CORESE, a graph-based search and rule engine for semantic web frameworks.


CRG is the Research Center in Management of Ecole Polytechnique and CNRS (UMR 7176). It was founded in 1972, when Ecole Polytechnique decided to develop specific research in Management and Organization studies. CRG has been tackling management issues through specific perspectives and strong methodological options that have underpinned research and teaching over the last 30 years: longitudinal in-depth field studies, comparative inter-sectoral and pluridisciplinary approaches, development of conceptual frameworks and theoretical analysis.


Alcméon, the project coordinator, is a start-up focusing on user-generated content triage. Specifically, it builds software applications to search quality-content in forums and Q/A sites. Alcméon was founded in 2011 by Bertrand Stephann after more than 1 year of market prospection, product prototyping, and early research in adhoc information retrieval algorithms.