Salesforce & Alcméon Success Story: interview with Bertrand Stephann

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Alcméon and Salesforce: a twofold partnership providing Salesforce customers with the very best in business messaging whilst supporting Alcméon’s growth

A year ago, Alcméon joined the Salesforce AppExchange, providing major brands with the latest business messaging solutions combined with the power of Salesforce. With Alcméon’s omni-channel console now directly integrated, advisers can respond via asynchronous messaging without leaving the Salesforce environment, whilst community management, marketing and sales teams can take advantage of Alcméon’s expertise in conversational design and the latest social media messaging innovations, such as Instagram’s new features (Instagram messenger, Stories, Shops, etc.).

But on top of this, Alcméon is now a proud Salesforce client, having put our trust in its leading CRM platform to support our flourishing growth. Find out about our experience in the Salesforce interview with our CEO, Bertrand Stephann.

Below is an extract from the Bertrand Stephann interview for Salesforce

Customer relations expert Alcméon offers a powerful SaaS solution, combining social media, instant messaging and customer feedback tools onto one single platform. A round of fundraising in 2019 recently gave the company the means to scale up. To transform these growth ambitions into a reality, the customer relations pioneer has put its faith in Salesforce.

To be able to respond more efficiently and quickly to their customers, brands have two options: an army of hands capable of managing each channel one by one (messaging, social media, etc.) or a single platform that unites all these channels and enables their teams to manage all social network interactions from one single centralised point. And that’s precisely what Alcméon offers, together with a range of practical automated solutions for marketing and customer service teams: “Thanks to Alcméon, customer advisers can access requests and comments from 12 different channels on one single tool. This gives them a global, ranked vision of all customer interactions, making it easier and quicker for them to respond. Our solution also ensures continuity, for example, between a chatbot and a human adviser if they need to take over”, summarises Bertrand Stephann, co-founder and CEO.

Unifying, automating and improving customer services… These are the concepts that we hold dear at Salesforce: it’s no surprise that in January 2020, Alcméon joined AppExchange, powered by the world’s leading CRM provider. All Salesforce clients can therefore access Alcméon in the form of an integrated application on their CRM platform and handle their messages directly within the Salesforce environment, including private messages on Instagram and the new Google Business Messages channel, both of which are highly appreciated by users.

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