Apple Messages Special : the DIOR Couture USA experience

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Apple Messages Special : How DIOR Couture is using Apple Messages to provide a premium service to its customers

Another exceptional 2021 Alcméon webinar : Jessica Porta from Christian Dior USA and Charles Doxuan from Alcméon explain how Apple Messages has quickly become a very important customer service channel for the American Dior Couture clients. Apple Messages + Alcméon, it’s first of all the opportunity  to use Apple’s native messaging ap to offer a premium customer service. But there are a lot of other possibilities. iPhone users are super users and super e-commerce users. With Apple Messages and Alcméon you can design new, simple and powerful customer conversational journeys – mixing automated product discovery, customer service or even payment with Apple Pay within the conversation !

Contact us to learn more or have a look at the replay to understand how Apple Messages work and how it is integrated in Alcméon.