Three Ways to Boost Your Black Friday Sales with WhatsApp and Messaging Marketing

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On Friday, November 24th, the most crucial time of the year for retailers and e-commerce begins—an event that has become truly global: Black Friday. Quickly approaching now!

According to the Klarna Nepa 2022 benchmark study conducted in 17 countries, 67% of consumers plan to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions! Spanish and Italian customers are even more inclined to participate than Americans (76% and 75%)!

Another study from Ziff Media Group 2022 also tells us that they start preparing very early to maximize their chances to benefit from the best deals. 59% of them start their pre-Black Friday search even before October!

Business messaging can be a powerful tool to ensure your Black Friday success and provide momentum for your upcoming promotions.

Firstly because messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram Direct are now by far the most used types of websites and apps (94.8%) – even more than search engines & web portals (81.8%), according to WeAreSocial’s 2023 Digital Report. Your customers spend an amazing share of their waking hours on these apps! It’s time to adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.

Secondly, because we have now a super powerful conversational marketing tool ready to be used at scale to support your promotional strategy, Alcméon Marketing- built in close collaboration with the Meta business messaging teams and pioneering retailers like Carrefour and Auchan.

Our most advanced Retail clients like Carrefour already use Alcméon Marketing at scale

Here are three very concrete examples of how you can leverage Alcméon Marketing for the upcoming Black Friday and beyond:

  • Start building your WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & Instagram Direct promotional subscribers list now.
    • Create a subscriber list on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram Direct presented as a service to assist your customers in preparing for Black Friday and ensuring they optimize their chances to benefit from your best deals. 
    • Use a mix of organic/paid call-to-actions to collect opt-ins: social media posts, social ads that click to messaging, banners and links on your websites, QR codes in your stores, etc.
    • If you already have a messaging subscriber base, it’s an incredibly powerful tool to rapidly expand it!
  • Ramp up your Black Friday campaign with customized content in the lead-up to the Big Day.
    • Our messaging marketing tool allows you to send personalized content to your subscribers, pre-program notifications and rich conversational content pushes.
    • Take advantage of this to gradually unveil your offers in advance, offer personalized sneak peeks, and use the power of conversation to learn more about your customers and their expectations (e.g., simply ask them what they would love to be able to buy on Black Friday!)
    • Create snackable content that your subscribers will be able to share easily with their communities on WhatsApp or Messenger.
  • Convert your Black Friday customers and visitors into long-term subscribers to your promotional communications…and hopefully into lifetime customers!
    • Use in-store QR codes to invite Black Friday visitors to subscribe to your weekly or monthly regular messaging promotional list.
    • Follow up after Black Friday: reward subscribers with an extra deal or a small but compelling conversational content, request feedback & suggestions, invite your Black Friday subscribers to opt into your upcoming promotional messaging content.
    • Use the powerful set of Alcméon Marketing conversational analytics to analyze in-depth the journeys, the conversations, what worked well, what worked less, and adapt your future campaigns.

We firmly believe that there is a significant opportunity for retailers and e-commerce sites that are the first to embrace messaging marketing on a large scale.

Alcméon is the most advanced and powerful business messaging platform available. Everything is ready to launch your first Black Friday WhatsApp or Messenger campaign quickly:

  • Opt-in recruitment via social ads, organic posts, web buttons, QR codes…
  • Visual Marketing Bot builder to design rich and conversational content.
  • Audience management and pre-programmed messaging campaign scheduling.
  • Quick onboarding: you can go live in just 3 weeks!

Don’t have a messaging strategy for Black Friday or messaging subscribers for your promotions yet? Hurry, contact us!

Our retail clients already send millions of messaging newsletters and promotional catalogs each year via WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram Direct. Check out how Carrefour is using Alcméon to send its messaging subscribers weekly personalized promotions: Carrefour Case Study