Webinar Carrefour Form – Mar 2023

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Promotional communications are essential for retailers, and especially for supermarket giants like Carrefour. Traditionally, a lot of customers were informed of the deals and offers available in their favorite stores with a weekly paper catalog directly in their mailboxes.

In 2023, a conjunction of factors makes it mandatory for all retailers to rethink the mix of tools and channels they are using to push their promotions. Rising cost of paper, ecological concerns, law, new generations of mobile first consumers …

And the change has to be quick. Carrefour has announced that its goal is to reduce by 80% its volume of paper catalogs as early as beginning of 2024. In France, in already 14 cities & areas it is forbidden to distribute paper catalogs in mailboxes without the consumers’ formal consent. As a result, 9 upon 10 of the households in these areas are not reachable anymore…

Carrefour was among the first retailers in Europe to use Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp as an alternative channel to distribute promotional catalogs.

See how the Carrefour teams are using Alcméon’s technology to grow their messaging contact list and to send “conversational newsletters and catalogs” via WhatsApp, Messenger and now even Instagram Direct.

– How to combine organic subscribers recruitment entry points like in-store QR codes or powerful paid tools like Ads that click to Messenger or WhatsApp ?
– What are the specific strengths and constraints of WhatsApp, Messenger and the other messaging channels ?
– How does it work ? What do you need in terms of technology and expertise ?
– What is the potential in terms of scaling and personalisation ?
– What are the first results in terms of open rate, time spent, cost per view or unsubscription compared with other digital tools like email ?
– What could the future conversational catalog look like ?