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It’s now possible to collect opt-ins in Messenger and send your subscribers daily, weekly or monthly updates.

Product info and updates, deals & offers, tutorials, conversational newsletters… The potential use cases are countless. With the very high messaging open rates, this is at last a truly and powerful “mobile first” alternative to emailing. 

And with QR codes or Ads that Click to Messenger, the feature comes with powerful new ways to collect subscribers. 

Recurring notifications – the feature’s technical name, was a long-awaited feature, and it will soon be also available for Instagram Direct. At Alcméon we believe this new possibility is game changing for messaging marketing. We have been among the very first teams in the world to work on the beta version with Meta’s engineers and pioneer clients like Disneyland Paris. 

Now, everything is ready in Alcméon messaging marketing platform to use it at scale, and we can share a first set of learnings and best practices. 

To understand how it works and the potential of this new marketing tool, watch our webinar with :

  • Maxime Gondard, Social & conversational Project Manager, Disneyland Paris
  • Charles Doxuan, CMO & Chief Evangelist, Alcméon

> What can you send to your customers via Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct ?

> How to design a conversational newsletter for Messenger ?

> How to collect opt-ins from organic entry points like QR codes, buttons or links ?

> How to use Ads that Click to Messenger on Facebook & Instagram to recruit subscribers at scale ?

> The Disneyland Paris experience and its first learnings 

A new way to stay connected with your customers, or to generate traffic, leads and additional revenue.

To help leading brands leverage the power of this new feature, design their first experience and recruitment campaign, we propose a special Messenger subscriptions launch offer to a limited number of clients. Contact us quickly to learn more !