Google Webinar Replay : Google Business Messages Special

Replay of the webinar Google Business Messages Special of october 7th, 2021

How to answer and engage customers at scale directly on Google results pages or in Google Maps!
An exceptional webinar with Andreas Nita, Partner Manager EMEA at Google, and Charles Doxuan, CMO & Chief Evangelist Alcméon.

1 - Alcméon in a nutshell

The most advanced business messaging solution for leading brands and retailers.

2 - Our Google guest

Andreas Nita explains its role at Google and Google’s partnership with Alcméon.

3 - Introducing Google Business Messages

Google Business Messages is a new channel, one with which you might not be very familiar with yet. Charles and Andreas discuss why it was developed, what it allows brands to do and show you a demo.

4 - Organic and Brand Owned Entry Points

Discover the entry points offered by Google Business Messages, from organic ones, like Google Maps or Google Search, to brand owned channels.

5 - Google Business Messages: Use Cases

Andreas presents various use cases of brands using Google Business Messages: from store information and product search to subscriptions and bookings, there is a world of possibilities across industries to craft the perfect use case for your brand. 

6 - Q&A Session

Andreas and Charles answer questions from the audience.

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