WhatsApp Special at Meta Paris Office with Alcméon and Vonage

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On April 20th, we had the pleasure of announcing our partnership with Vonage at Meta in Paris to accelerate our development on WhatsApp. It was a very informative morning, with numerous use cases, testimonials from Fnac Darty and Carrefour, insights from the Meta business messaging team, new WhatsApp features for businesses available in Alcméon, and much more.

Here are some key points from this special WhatsApp morning:

Christophe Famechon – Fnac Darty

Christophe Famechon from Fnac Darty presented the Darty case and how his teams efficiently use Alcméon to respond to consumers on WhatsApp. Consumers have clearly embraced the new channel: in one year, the volume of Darty’s WhatsApp service conversations has been multiplied by 10, while maintaining very short response times and high customer satisfaction. And what’s perhaps even more interesting is that the strategy of diverting to WhatsApp and Fnac Darty’s other messaging channels has resulted in a total 70% decrease in email volume to the customer service!

Olivier Kromwel and Arnaud Merzougui – Carrefour

Olivier Kromwel and Arnaud Merzougui from Carrefour presented another innovative and powerful use of WhatsApp through Alcméon: personalized and weekly push of promotional catalogs. How to recruit WhatsApp subscribers through QR codes, banners on the website, or advertisements on Facebook & Instagram? How does the customer choose their store and what do they receive each week in their favorite messaging app? Once again, the growth of the subscriber base is impressive, as are the consultation rates and consumer feedback – with an excellent NPS of +53 for Carrefour’s WhatsApp catalog subscribers!

Guillaume Cavaroc – Meta

Finally, Guillaume Cavaroc from Meta presented the Meta vision and upcoming features in WhatsApp, such as the ability to make end-to-end purchases within the app, currently being tested in India and Brazil. At Alcméon, we have already integrated advanced WhatsApp Commerce features like the WhatsApp cart – which we tested with Carrefour last December – and we are ready to take it to the next level!

WhatsApp has already become essential for customer service and push marketing. With the Alcméon Vonage partnership, you can start quickly, scale up, and offer the best customer experience in the market. And you will be the first to take advantage of new opportunities like conversational commerce as soon as they become available on the Meta side!

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